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Lisa signing copies of the The Business of Joy book


When the world stopped in March 2020 due to the Covid-19 virus, fear ruled the day. We think we know the story - we lived it. Yet, when you peel it back, there’s so much more. Through the prism of joy, the untold business lessons from the pandemic will prepare us for the challenges we face today.


The Business of Joy is not a self-help book; it is grounded in over 500,000 consumer interviews and countless hours spent interviewing business leaders and frontline employees. It gives a 360-degree view of the pandemic, translating insights into actionable frameworks for the future.


“A must-read for business leaders! Lisa’s research stood out to me because it was the only one focusing on joy, not the virus.   This book encapsulates the invaluable stories from the pandemic, yet the lessons learned will undoubtedly stand the test of time.” - Barry McGowan, CEO Fogo de Chão


“Inspiring and thoughtful.  This book provides powerful insights on both the struggles and the unexpected positives that came from navigating our way through the pandemic.”  – John Cywinski, President Applebee’s


Love this Read!!  The insights are not only applicable to business but to life, to humanity!   The pandemic forced people to tackle their fears with creativity and joy. The lessons found in the book that remind us how to be better humans are the same lessons businesses learned about how to be better, build better, brands.” – Sherri Landry, EVP, Chief Marketing Officer, CEC Entertainment

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Explore Stories of Survival, Resilience, and THE BUSINESS OF JOY

Anita Adams Headshot

Anita Adams

CEO, Black Bear Diner

Tobin Ellis Headshot

Tobin Ellis

Principal, Studio Barmagic

Sherri Landry Headshot

Sherri Landry

EVP, Chief Marketing Officer, CEC Entertainment

Ricky Richardson Headshot

Ricky Richardson

CEO, Eggs Up Grill

Mike Archer Headshot

Mike Archer

CEO, Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria

Jack Gibbons Headshot

Jack Gibbons

CEO, FB Society Restaurant Brands

Barry McGowan Headshot

Barry McGowan

CEO, Fogo de Chão

Sara Rosenberg Bittorf Headshot

Sara Rosenberg Bittorf

Chief Strategy Officer, TGI Fridays

Robin Blanchette Headshot

Robin Blanchette

CEO & Founder, Norton Creative LLC

Starlette Johnson Headshot

Starlette Johnson

Industry Board Director

Margo Manning Headshot

Margo Manning

COO, Dave & Buster's Inc.

Kelli Vallade Headshot

Kelli Valade

CEO, Denny’s Corporation

John Cywinski Headshot

John Cywinski

President, Applebee's Grill and Bar

Rose Kaur Headshot

Rose Kaur

Managing Partner, Jester&Genius

Khahn Nguyen Headshot

Khanh Nguyen

CEO & Founder, ZaLat Pizza

Katrina Foster Witherspoon Headshot

Katrina Foster-Witherspoon

Head of Digital Operations, D Magazine

Lisa & Friends at Book Launch
Lisa Signing A Book
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