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 The Path Forward Is Through Joy Not Fear

We continue to tackle the pressing issues that occupy the thoughts of business leaders, aiming to provide actionable insights that can guide their marketing and innovation strategies in the post-COVID era.

Despite the substantial progress, the effects of Covid-19 have permanently influenced consumers throughout America. Now, we are facing new fears of recession and realities of record breaking inflation and mounting headlines of layoffs.

Consumer Insights That Will Get Us Back To The Business of Joy

THE BACK STORY: A resource to help businesses get back on their feet

What started as a small passion project back in March of 2020 has turned into something incredible. Today, many businesses rely on these insights as they navigate into the post-pandemic world and face continued challenges with inflation and labor shortages.

THE SPARK – The ONLY path forward is through “Joy not Fear”

  • Businesses CAN provide joy to consumers, not just function. How can your organization measure joy and determine when and how pent-up demand will be unleashed?

  • There was so much negative or rearview data vs. forward looking data. Communicating and shifting toward hope, while staying grounded in data, will help consumers and businesses get to the other side of the pandemic.


Lisa’s research became a leading indicator of restaurant sales and traffic during the pandemic. The work has been featured nationally on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, the Wall Street Journal and Nation’s Restaurant News, and more.


  • What trade-offs consumers are making today in the face of the surging inflation

  • How to deliver joy to customers today– your brand’s value proposition, beyond just price

  • How to stay curious and find joy personally and professionally

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