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Jun 26, 2023

The restaurant industry is facing a serious challenge. In a world where convenience and efficiency are increasingly valued, restaurants are in the midst of a perfect storm made from dwindling diner patience and suboptimal service. Customers are ready to move on from the pandemic, and they expect their favorite restaurants to be too. As frustrations with price continue to mount, restaurants' leeway continues to shorten.

<p class="font_7"><a href=""><u><strong>WSJ: Diners are losing patience with Restaurant Service</strong></u></a></p>

Jun 15, 2023

The demand for delivery has undeniably decreased from its peak during the pandemic. This is an established fact. However, noise and misconceptions have clouded the true causes behind this shift. When you dive into the data, it becomes apparent that the challenges associated with delivery are entirely predictable, and it makes perfect sense that an increasing number of customers now express that it is simply "not worth it anymore."

<p class="font_7"><a href=""><u><strong>QSR: Why is Delivery Demand for Restaurants Softening?</strong></u></a></p>

Jun 7, 2023

McDonald’s purple Grimace Shake is taking over the internet. While viral social-media promotions like this can drive in both new and returning customers, one overlooked aspect of the success is that it can often lead to item shortages. When customers excitedly pull up to the drive-thru window hoping for your latest trending item, only to find it out of stock, it leaves a bitter taste in their mouth.

<p class="font_7"><a href=""><u><strong>NRN: How restaurants can pull Threads their way</strong></u></a></p>

May 7, 2023

Our data shows that we have made significant progress in consumers returning to pre-pandemic frequencies, yet there is still significant demand to unlock.

<p class="font_7"><a href=";utm_medium=member_desktop"><u><strong>Black Box Intelligence: Returning to Restaurants</strong></u></a></p>

Apr 25, 2023

Today, it's easier to leave than it is to stay. That's where change needs to happen. We know that offering too many discounts isn't a good idea - it trains the consumer to wait for the next deal. But what if a similar thing is happening with our employees?

<p class="font_7"><a href=""><u><strong>FSR: Employee Engagement</strong></u></a></p>
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Apr 13, 2023

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Yitzi in a conversation that will take you back to learn about my childhood and the things that shaped who I am today. Plus, you’ll learn 5 of the key insights from my new book, The Business of Joy!

<p class="font_7"><a href=""><u><strong>Authority: Backstory and Insights</strong></u></a></p>

Dec 22, 2022

Raise your hand if you are a "last-minute" shopper!!! Rest assured -- you are not alone!
"Hot off the press" this week, 29% reported that they hadn't started their holiday shopping!

<p class="font_7"><a href=""><u><strong>Newsy: Last Minute Holiday Shopping</strong></u></a></p>

Dec 20, 2022

As the holiday season approaches, customers are still cautious about going back out and shopping. When you can order everything you need from your phone or computer, it definitely makes sense.
Retailers and brands that can provide a rewarding experience for their shoppers, whether in-store, online or through strategic promotions, are poised to succeed during the final run-up to the holidays and beyond.

<p class="font_7"><a href=""><u><strong>Chamber of Commerce: Holiday Shopping</strong></u></a></p>

Dec 9, 2022

Joy is in the air for the holidays! Customers came out in droves for Black Friday and Cyber Monday which wasn't a surprise based on our #journeybacktojoy data.

<p class="font_7"><a href=""><u><strong>Newsy: Holiday Joy</strong></u></a></p>

Dec 2, 2022

This Holiday season, consumers are looking to retailers for more than presents. Consumers are in search of a joyful experience that stems from the employees.

<p class="font_7"><a href=""><u><strong>MarketScale: Holiday Shopping</strong></u></a></p>

Jul 28, 2022

I know it seems silly to talk about the holidays in the middle of the Summer... Call me crazy. About this time last year, our data predicted that consumers would shop in-store to celebrate the joy of the holidays. EVERYONE thought I was crazy back then - but it happened!

<p class="font_7"><a href=""><u><strong>FOX: Economic Outlook</strong></u></a></p>

Jun 17, 2022

There's continued interest in our recent insight that rising violence negatively impacts our economy. In customer research that we are doing, we see the same that "not feeling safe" is a reason for NOT visiting retail stores, movie theaters, and restaurants.

<p class="font_7"><a href=""><u><strong>Newsy: Rising Violence</strong></u></a></p>

Jun 16, 2022

Last summer was about "revenge travel" - this summer will be more about trying new things, not because we "want to", but because we "have to" with rising prices. Consumers still want to get out of dodge, yet, this summer season might look different.

<p class="font_7"><a href=""><u><strong>Newsy: Trying New Things for Summer Vacation</strong></u></a></p>

May 15, 2022

Musk recently bought Twitter for an estimated $44 billion. There has been a lot of chatter throughout the past few weeks about Twitter. Everyone has their own take, but when it comes to Elon Musk, one thing is certain. He brings innovation far beyond even what we imagine, no matter what industry it is.

<p class="font_7"><a href=""><u><strong>FOX: Elon's Twitter Takeover</strong></u></a></p>

May 11, 2022

NRN: Equipping Employees

Restaurants across the nation are facing an employee retention problem. When resources are tight, it’s easy to cut corners on tools and training.

<p class="font_8">NRN: Equipping Employees</p>

Mar 17, 2022

"I've been stocking up on the one-pound packages of ground beef... still have some that I paid $2 or $2.50" That's how one Des Moines Iowa Male replied to what he had been stocking up as prices go up.

<p class="font_7"><a href=""><u><strong>WHO: Consumers Stocking Up</strong></u></a></p>

Mar 6, 2022

Have you had "the talk" with your kids - not that one... the one when your adult children want to move back home because of their struggling financial with soaring inflation and rent prices?

<p class="font_7"><a href=""><u><strong>KRTH: Kids Moving Back Home</strong></u></a></p>

Jan 13, 2022

How do we find #joy in the midst of 40-year record high inflation? As prices continue to surge across the board, consumers have had to cut back on discretionary spending. 60% of Americans even say that they are driving less due to high gas prices.

<p class="font_7"><a href=";t=27s"><u><strong>FOX: Joy Amidst Inflation</strong></u></a></p>

Jan 7, 2022

Let's talk perception. You know that old adage, "perception is reality?" Could Americans' perception of the economy outweigh reality?

<p class="font_7"><a href=""><u><strong>Newsy: Economic Perceptions</strong></u></a></p>
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Nov 12, 2021

Demand for joyful experiences is still strong, yet consumers are having to make tough choices about how to spend their hard earned money.

<p class="font_7"><a href=""><u><strong>Newsy: Consumers Making Hard Choices</strong></u></a></p>
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