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Speaker Lisa W. Miller

Growth Architect & Human Connector

EMPOWER your audience to UNLOCK and ACTIVATE their organizations’ business GROWTH through deeper understanding of customers’ needs and wants. MOTIVATE your audience to stay CURIOUS and INNOVATIVE. Hire Lisa NOW!

Lisa speaking on stage with background image showcasing accolades


Coming out of the pandemic, conventional wisdoms no longer apply. When you invest in joy for your customers, you will win the hearts, minds, loyalty and their share of wallet. 

Focus on the 3R’s to deliver more JOY:

Your Core Customers & Employees

Your Innovation Pipeline

To Fuel Business Transformation

Lisa W. Miller

Senior Marketing & Innovation Strategist

Expert on

  • Consumer Trends

  • Marketing

  • Business Growth

  • Vision/Purpose

  • Leadership

  • Innovation

Experience in





Nationally Recognized with 200+ Media Interviews

What people are saying about the Business of Joy Insights

Nicole Reagan Miller

Managing Director, Piper Sandler & Company

“We first met Lisa on her ‘journey back to joy’ when we were certain of the restaurant industry standing within the economy. Her research proves to be not just insightful but validating. As such, we invited her to our inaugural consumer and technology conference. She caught the attention of a diverse audience including analysts, institutional investors, and PE sponsors. Her presentations not only delight but made the audience more curious and more engaged.”

The Media Loves Lisa

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