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Creating motivating insight-driven actions and rally cries for change. Getting to the

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Primary research by Lisa W. Miller & Associates illuminating the path forward in a post Covid-19 economy

Thinking vs Knowing

We unlock actionable insights to drive sales growth and shine a light on the emotional bonds between brands and consumers 

Companies don’t need more data, they need more insights. Unfortunately, many consumer research reports are interesting but don’t create change or action.  They sit on the shelf.

We change the client conversations from  “we think” to “we know”  injecting facts and insights, not

opinions,  into decision making.


Evolving to insight-driven decisions is a liberating experience for clients.  

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About Lisa W. Miller

Consumer Insights & Innovation Strategist.


Founded in 2008, Lisa W. Miller began her consulting practice becoming strategic partners with many well-known and trusted global brands such as Walmart, Applebee’s, IHOP, Kimberly Clark, Frito Lay, La Quinta, 7- Eleven and American Heart Association.

By getting to the “So What? Now What?” the firm delivers well-integrated strategic insights and plans to unlock and activate business growth.  

Global studies conducted in North America, Europe, Middle East, Australia, South America, Africa and Asia.

Consumer Re-Entry &

The Journey Back to Joy
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