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Faith bridging the social distance gap

Many churches are reopening this weekend to welcome Americans back for Easter for the first time since 2019. Looking back to the beginning of the pandemic, our research showed that "Going to Church" was one of the top activities that gave consumers the most joy.

Consumers tell us there is a comfort in the routine and rituals of attending church. "It's my salvation. I can only go on vacation every once in a while, but I can go to Church regularly."

The joy found in their faith is powerful. Those that are regularly church goers are more ready to venture out and attribute their faith as an important bridge during these difficult times. Church goers draw an uplifting strength from each other through singing, praying and showing compassion and kindness to each other.

As we move into the Easter weekend, Millennials were leading the way back into churches ahead of Generation X and even Baby Boomers.

  • 35% Millennials

  • 30% Boomers

  • 27% Generation X

Survey data collected March 12 – March15, 2021 by Lisa W. Miller & Associates and Prodege, LLC from a nationally representative sample of 1,000 adults 18 years and older. Trend comparisons from the Journey Back to Joy Covid Tracking Study with 29 waves of data collection and 29,000 consumer surveys collected nationwide since March 2020.

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