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Is delivery in danger?

Is your delivery business declining? You’re not alone! The number of people who say they've ordered delivery from FSR anytime over the past three months continues to decline, hitting the lowest level since May 2023! 

% ordered delivery in past 3 months

22% FSR (-10pts vs peak in September ’23)

So what changed - It's not that joyful!

📈 We have seen a steady increase in those who say delivery isn’t worth it!

⚖️ 19% FSR Delivery not worth it (+7pt vs YAG)

🚨 80% of FSR delivery guest have experienced an issue!

How can you make delivery worth it? Focus on solving Guest pain points! 

What’s improving, or should I say getting “less bad” vs last year? 

🐢 17% Slow delivery times (-9pt vs YAG)

What’s getting worse? 

💵 37% Delivery fees have gone up too much (+5pt vs YAG)

❌ 23% Order not accurate (+8pt vs June ’23)

💰 23% Felt obligated to tip the delivery driver (+6pt vs June ’23)

😞 24% Food quality was worse than expected (+4pt vs June ’23)

🥵 18% Food wasn’t the right temperature (+5pt vs June ’23)

So what? Now What?

The delivery sector is ripe for disruption and innovation. Consumers will no longer sit by and "accept" the "unacceptable" experience. It's time for operators to get serious and solve these issues lest these incremental occasions will vanish.

About Lisa W. Miller

Lisa Miller is a nationally recognized consumer strategist, storyteller, speaker, and author.  Her groundbreaking Journey Back to Joy research from over 70,000 consumer surveys became a leading indicator of the economic recovery during the pandemic and continues to do so today. She has been featured nationally in over 250 media interviews including NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt News, Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, and National Restaurant News.

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