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Not Going to Miss My Shot?

The vaccine is finally here. Businesses won’t want to miss their shot to drive frequency.

The number of Americans raising their hands and rolling up their sleeves to get the Covid-19 vaccine as soon as possible more than doubled from 22% in September to 45% in January. Yet, the big question for businesses….will it be a shot in the arm to jump start the economy?

A resounding yes, for those consumers that are already at the front of the #CovidReEntry Segmentation, as the vaccine will give them a boost to do more of what they are already doing. Yet, for those that are Anxious/Very Anxious, it’s a no - the vaccine will not be enough to get them out the door.

If you’ve been tracking with me since the beginning, this shouldn’t come as a shock.

The #JourneyBackToJoy is a mindset, not a demographic. The same holds true for the vaccine roll-out impact. Attention has been on how many will take the vaccine. Our data aligns with other sources:

  • 114 Million (45%) will take as soon as possible

  • 101 Million (40%) will wait or are undecided

  • 38 Million (15%) not interested in ever taking it

Yet, how many will take the vaccine is only part of the story. We take it further by overlaying our #CovidReEntry Segmentation and how the vaccine will impact future behavior. The outcome shows that willingness to take the shot is fairly consistent, yet the impact on future behavior is significantly different.

Start back immediately into all activities and routines

  • 58% First out the Door Segment

  • 13% Taking it Slow

  • 12% Wait and See

  • 6% Anxious

  • 2% Very Anxious

Will not add any activities back yet and will wait until things settle down more

  • 5% First out the Door Segment

  • 11% Taking it Slow

  • 19% Wait and See

  • 30% Anxious

  • 64% Very Anxious

Why does this matter? Businesses won’t want to miss their shot to drive frequency.

o Focus on the front end of the curve – “First Out the Door” and “Taking it Slow” segments

  • The vaccine is a functional and emotional boost

o Don’t spend on those that are still Anxious/Very Anxious to come inside

  • The vaccine is a functional boost

  • It’s a lower ROI

o Lead with joy, reassure with safety in your messaging

  • Remind them why they love doing business with you

  • Deliver safety consistently with excellence; your customers are watching

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