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NRN Feature: How restaurants can pull Threads their way

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

McDonald’s purple Grimace Shake is taking over the internet.

While viral social-media promotions like this can drive in both new and returning customers, one overlooked aspect of the success is that it can often lead to item shortages. When customers excitedly pull up to the drive-thru window hoping for your latest trending item, only to find it out of stock, it leaves a bitter taste in their mouth.

Marketers need to be monitoring their brands and have action plans in place when viral driven out of stocks happen. It's perfectly predictable that it ‘could’ happen - you just don't know when. Be prepared.

Our data revealed that disappointment and frustration with menu items being out of stock is significantly higher for Gen Z. 30% of Gen Z report having frustration of their favorite and desired items not being available vs. 18% for the average U.S. consumer. This insight was integral to a recent article published by Alicia Kelso and Ron Ruggless for Nation's Restaurant News.

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