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The Journey Back To Shopping

Consumers today are more comfortable shopping in-stores than going to a friend's house, dining out or going to church.

Could shopping in-stores be the underdog winner in the 2021 #JourneyBackToJoy ?

Shopping online is of course convenient, but it can’t fully replace the in-store shopping experience. Shopping in-store is a total sensory experience - sights, sounds, touch and importantly anticipation of joy of finding just the right item to purchase. Shopping is truly a journey to joy.

A female shopper in our Covid tracking study put it best,

"Retail shopping in-stores is very therapeutic for me, it's not only an opportunity treat myself (or others), it also provides me with the excitement and adrenalin rush I enjoy when I discover great deals, new or uniquely designed items for myself or loved one."


Consumers today are more comfortable shopping than going to a friend’s house, dining out or going to church

% of Consumers that comfortable doing among those that participate in this activity

o 74% Shopping in-store retailers

o 62% Attending a in person gathering with friends/families

o 61% Dining in at a restaurant

o 57% Attending in church in person

Shopping tops the list of activities to start back immediately after receiving a vaccine.

% of Consumers stating they will start back this activity immediately after receiving the vaccine

o 37% Shopping in-store retailers

o 31% Dining in at a restaurant

o 30% Attending a in person gathering with friends/families

o 29% Attending in church in person

SHOPPING IS A DYNAMIC, NOT STATIC EXPERIENCE: Shopping is an activity that allows consumer to be distanced, while allowing them to be joyful, connected and in control.

When shopping in store, consumers are in control of their domain, easily navigating away from crowded areas or unmasked consumers while other more static activities, like movies or restaurants, in which a consumer is captive in one place. It’s the only place you can go that you are distanced but still feel connected.


Since the pandemic began almost a year ago, pent up demand for shopping has been unlocked, opening up at twice the rate of restaurants

o 41% of pent up demand released for shopping in-store vs. just 20% for restaurant

Survey data collected February 12 – February 15, 2021 by Lisa W. Miller & Associates and Prodege, LLC from a nationally representative sample of 1,000 adults 18 years and older. Trend comparisons from the Journey Back to Joy Covid Tracking Study with 28 waves of data collection and 28,000 consumer surveys collected nationwide since March 2020.

Click here to learn more about this thought provoking initiative "Gearing Up For The Consumer Re-entry & The The Journey Back to Joy"

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