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Words to Live By in 2021

While challenges still lie ahead for operators, consumers are seeking joy.

In light of the new year, the critical question businesses are asking - are consumers finally hopping off the roller coaster ride that was 2020 to truly start a journey back to joy? Our recent January data suggests a resounding yes.

Unfortunately, for consumers that are dining out, they are often disappointed. 37% of consumers that dined inside a restaurant last month reported being frustrated because the item they specifically went for was not available!

If we keep disappointing Guests, there’s no reason to dine-out.

Customers might just opt out the next time and order in. It’s just too easy with a tap on the phone or click online to get just about anything delivered.

Businesses that are beating category headwinds are delivering joy. Are you? What can you do today to elevate your customer experience to be more joyful? Your product offering, your service, your ambience. Do it! Your customers are counting on you to deliver joy!

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