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WSJ Feature: Diners are losing patience with Restaurant Service

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

The restaurant industry is facing a serious challenge. In a world where convenience and efficiency are increasingly valued, restaurants are in the midst of a perfect storm made from dwindling diner patience and suboptimal service. Customers are ready to move on from the pandemic, and they expect their favorite restaurants to be too. As frustrations with price continue to mount, restaurants' leeway continues to shorten.

Our data served as a primary inspiration for a recent WSJ article with a staggering insight: forty-two percent of consumers who dined out in May were frustrated by the lack of staff. To delve deeper into the impact of staff shortages on the restaurant industry and explore how restaurants are responding to this challenge, read the full article by Heather Haddon in the Wall Street Journal.

Below shows the full data trends from the beginning of 2023. Customer frustrations with restaurants had begun to decline, yet May's outlook changed with significant increases.

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