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What Does Consumer Driven Re-Entry Look Like Post Covid?

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

The Inspiration For This Work

Many of my clients have been furloughed, and for the lucky ones that have kept their jobs, they are in survival mode. With skeleton staffs and budgets slashed, there’s no time nor the energy to look up and think about what is coming next.

What Does Consumer Driven Re-Entry Even Look Like?

I kept wondering how I could help my clients find their way to the other side of this lockdown.

I’m definitely not going to do one of those YouTube singing videos or exercise videos, bless those that have those talents. Then, it came to me. What if I could do what I do best, but more broadly? There are so many consumer questions to answer in these uncharted waters. Governments and municipalities will open the doors, but who will walk through the door first? What categories have the most pent up demand and will be chosen first and why? What guidance do consumers need from the government and municipalities to feel safe? What will the re-entry curve look like? I immediately jumped in and got to work.

Yes! We can do this!

With over 450,000 consumer surveys and interviews over 30+ years, I’ve learned a thing or two about how to how to ask the right questions to understand consumers and help companies find growth. In the coming days and weeks, my goal is to illuminate the road ahead providing a positive and fresh perspective for businesses. It's my passion project, grounded in a series of large nationwide proprietary studies, funded by my firm not any specific clients, with the sole purpose of the help us get to the other side.

Remember This

At the end of the day, businesses bring joy, not just function. To my clients and friends, your products, services and your work matter. Let’s get back to joy and get America growing again.

One BIG caveat….

Just so you know, I’m venturing out on a limb - thanks Brene Brown for your #FFT podcast. I’ve never put myself out there before, yet have thought about doing something like this for decades. These blogs aren’t going to perfect, but it’s definitely going to be real and authentic; I promise you that.

Please give me feedback so I can make the insights better and more useful.

Thanks! Lisa

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